Natessen's Mother Earth Hazelnut Butter Crunchy RAW Preimum EKO 210g'
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Mother Earth Hazelnut Butter Crunchy RAW Preimum EKO 210g

Organic, crunchy hazelnut butter

Are you looking for a delicious and tasty topping option? Then Mother Earth's Hazelnut Butter could be something for you! This organic hazelnut butter is made from raw, premium quality nuts that have been gently roasted to preserve the natural flavor.

The hazelnut butter has a wonderfully creamy texture with just the right amount of crunch, which makes it perfect for spreading on sandwiches, using as an ingredient in baked goods or just eating straight from the jar as a tasty and healthy snack.

Mother Earth's Hazelnut Butter Crunchy RAW Premium ME EKO is also a good source of protein and is suitable for those looking for vegetable protein. It is also free of added sugar and other unnecessary additives.

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