Natessen's Mother Earth Premium Coconut Oil Pure White ECO 500ml'
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Mother Earth Premium Coconut Oil Pure White ECO 500ml

Mother Earth's White Coconut Oil is a high-quality 100% coconut oil produced from carefully selected, dried coconuts. Although higher temperatures are used in extraction from the sun-loving coconut palms, which can grow up to 20 meters tall, the coconut oil retains its lovely coconut aroma. The coconuts are harvested when they are fresh and have a green shell, and are an important food for many people in tropical and subtropical regions.

The coconut is a stone fruit that can weigh up to 2,5 kg and contains a stone or a seed with a hard outer shell, similar to nectarines and coffee beans. The coconut consists of both the pulp (copra), which is used to make coconut oil, coconut flakes, coconut butter and coconut milk, and the coconut water that is inside the coconut and can measure up to a pint.

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