Moonvalley's Organic Oats & Date Bars Mixed Box 20 Pack'
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Organic oats & date bars mixed box 20-pack

Treat yourself to variety in your Moonvalley moments with our best-selling mix box! The mixing box contains a total of 20 oats & dates bars divided into four pieces of chocolate & sea salt, four pieces of apple & cinnamon, four pieces of beetroot and orange, four pieces of cardamom and four pieces of lemon & ginger. In other words, the mixing box is perfect for those of you who love all our wonderful oats & dates bars and want some variety in your everyday life. And you, don't forget that all our date bars are made from organic ingredients with no added sugar, so you can enjoy them with a clear conscience!

  • No added sugar
  • Vegan
  • Ecological
  • No palm oil

The mixing box contains:
4 x Organic Protein Bar - Lemon & Ginger
4 x Organic Protein Bar - Beetroot & Orange
4 x Organic Protein Bar - Chocolate & Sea Salt
4 x Organic Protein Bar - Cardamom
4 x Organic Protein Bar - Apple & Cinnamon

For ingredients and nutritional value, go to the pages for the different flavors listed above.

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Basic information

EAN: 7350102860006

3 - EU ECO

3 - Made in Sweden

Certifications: EU-EKO

2 - For export

2 - Within Sweden

5 - Moonvalley

4 - Retail

1 - Västra Götaland

Region: Västra Götaland

Pack size: 50 g

Packaging unit (20 pieces)

Packaging: Consumer packaging

Produced in: Sweden

Shipping Information

For export: Yes

In Sweden: Yes


date paste

rice syrup


freeze-dried apple

pea protein

coconut flakes

cocoa butter




beetroot powder

lemon oil

orange oil



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