Om Organic Sweden

Organic Sweden was formed in 2015 by a large number of companies and organizations, all of which demanded a platform for the players in the organic market. At present, we have about 100 members working together to increase sales and exports of organic food and beverages to take advantage of the growing market space both in Sweden and internationally. Our members also include other organizations that work to spread knowledge about organic food and organic farming such as Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, KRAV, EkoMatCentrum and Naturskyddsföreningen.

Vision, mission and goals

Our vision

In Sweden, organic is an important tool for promoting food production that is sustainable in the long term - both for humans, animals and the planet. 

Our mission

Organic Sweden is the platform for collaboration that drives the transition to a more sustainable food production based on the ecological principles.

Our goals for Sweden 2030:

  • 25 percent of the agricultural area is organically certified 
  • 60 percent of the food in the public sector is organically certified
  • 20 percent of all food sold is organically certified
  • Exports of organic food amount to SEK 2 billion

Core business

Communication & Surveillance

Organic Sweden monitors developments in the eco-market, disseminates news and writes debate articles. We carry out the annual campaign EKO-september. In 2021, we also ran the campaign Feel the Calm - Shop Organic and in 2022 we will start a three-year sales campaign Nudging Organic with campaign funds from the EU. Together with EPOK at SLU, we continuously update our spring Communication guide for marketing organic food and beverages.

Sales & Export

Organic Sweden works for increased sales and exports of organic food. We follow the development in the eco market through Organic Annual Report launched in February 2022. We also work to promote the sale and export of organic food, including through Eko-Portalen.see - a digital meeting place for buyers and producers. We participate in fairs such as Nordic Organic Food Fair and Biofach.

Dialog & Policy

Organic Sweden maintains a dialogue with politicians and decision-makers to create opinion on issues that are important to the players in the eco-market. In this way, we want to promote a positive development of organic and KRAV-labeled foods. Ahead of the 2022 election, we have launched the report Organic production as a tool for conversion (read and download the report here). We arrange our own conferences and events, including the annual one Ecological Future Day which falls on 14 December 2023, read more here.

The office


We collaborate with a few different educations to invite students from several fields of study and schools. The internship is suitable for various educations, but it is about internships in communication, marketing and social media. 

We want to offer interesting internships where you both work with us in the organization and can take personal responsibility for certain tasks. Our internships are suitable for you who go to university, college or similar and who have an internship in education of at least 15 credits, but preferably 30 credits. Available internships can be available during both spring and autumn.

Get in touch with us at if you are interested in an internship.


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