Natessen's Paprika Powder Smoked Sweet ECO 1kg'
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Paprika powder Smoked Sweet ECO 1kg

Paprika powder Smoked Sweet

After pepper, paprika is the most important and most used spice in most European cuisines. The plant genus paprika belongs to the nightshade plant family. The fruits are very colorful and ripen through several color stages, e.g. from green to yellow to red.
Our smoked paprika powder is made from selected and hand-picked, fully ripe, bright red peppers that are smoked over oak and then dried. This process takes several days, during which the pepper loses over 90% of its weight. After smoking, the dried peppers are carefully ground.

The smoked paprika powder convinces with an aromatic, smoky but also fruity taste. In Spain, the spice is used in many traditional dishes such as chorizo ​​sausage or paella. In addition, the smoked paprika goes well with all dishes that can withstand a smoky tone.

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