OmiOpi's Sparkling Quince 250ml alc. 0,0% vol.'

Sparkling Quince 250ml alc. 0,0% vol.

Quince, what? In Swedish, the fruit is called rose white. A super fruit that gains more character and a sour, fresh and slightly floral flavor when it grows in cooler climates. With Sparkling Quince, we hope to find more fans of a magically delicious fruit that can be grown up close.

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EAN: 7350124040318

5 - OmiOpi

1 - Stockholm

Region: Stockholm

Package size: 6,1kg

Packaging unit (24)

Packaging: Consumer packaging

Produced in: Sweden

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15% rosehip juice*

beet sugar*

carbonic acid

*=Organic raw material.

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