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Brown rice protein 80% ECO

Extraction and history

Rice has filled stomachs for over 10 years and is still the favorite grain of three billion people. In some countries, such as South Korea, the words for rice and food are the same. Opinions are divided as to where rice first began to be cultivated, but much points to the Pearl River Delta in China. In any case, it is clear that rice cultivation spread quickly and around 000 BC. encompassed the entire Asian subcontinent.

To become rice protein powder, the rice goes through a long and carefully executed process. After harvesting, the best rice grains are selected, which are then ground into rice flour and mixed with water. After that, enzymes are added that break down the rice starch, after which the carbohydrates are filtered out. The rice protein cake that remains is dried before it is broken down into a fine-grained powder.

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